Curtis H. Barnette

CURTIS H. BARNETTE is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bethlehem
Steel Corporation (1992). Prior to that he served as Senior Vice
President and Director for six years (1986-1992) and as General Counsel
and Secretary for 15 years (1977-1992). He joined Bethlehem as an
Attorney in 1967. Mr. Barnette, a native of West Virginia, was educated
at West Virginia University (1956) and was a Fulbright Scholar in
International Law at the University of Manchester, England (1956-1957).
He is a graduate of Yale Law School (J.D. 1962) and the Harvard
University Business School (AMP 1975). He has received honorary degrees
from West Virginia University, LL.D. 1995, Allentown College, LL.D.
1996, and the University of Charleston, LL.D. 1998. He served two years
(1957-1959) as a Counter Intelligence Officers in Germany and continued
in the Army Intelligence Corps Reserves as a Major until 1967. He was a
lecturer at the University of Maryland in Germany (1957-1959), and was
in the private practice of law and a law tutor at the Yale Law School
(1962-1967). Mr. Barnette is a member of the President’s Trade Advisory
Committee (ACTPN), appointed by President Bush in 1989 and 1991, and by
President Clinton in 1994 and 1997. President Reagan appointed him to
the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States (1988)
and Secretary Dole named him to the Coal Commission in 1990. He has
testified frequently before Congressional Committees, and has written
and spoken extensively about various corporate, litigation,
international trade, corporate governance and related matters. Mr.
Barnette is immediate past Chairman and a Director of the American Iron
and Steel Institute, and a past Chairman and a Director of the
International Iron and Steel Institute. He is a Director of the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, a Trustee of Lehigh University, a
member of the Policy Committee of the Business Roundtable and of the
Business Council. Mr. Barnette is a Director and past Chairman and a
Director, National Museum of Industrial History. In addition, he is a
member of the Executive Committee of the Business ‘ Higher Education
Forum. Among his past activities, he served as President of the
Association of General Counsel, Chairman of the American Society of
Corporate Secretaries, a member of the Legal Advisory Committee of the
New York Stock Exchange, and of the Council of the Antitrust Section of
the American Bar Association. Mr. Barnette is married, and he and his
wife Joanne (Harner), have two sons, Kevin and James.

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