TWST: Would you begin with a brief historical sketch of the company and a picture of its operations at the present time?

Mr. Dufour: Camden National Corporation (CAC) traces its roots back to the founding of Camden National Bank in 1875. Six local businesspeople founded the bank to provide banking services and capital to the Camden, Maine, community. Over the years, it was a typical community bank, primarily serving Camden and a few surrounding communities, and only opened its first branch location in 1960, in Union, Maine. In 1984, Camden National Corporation was created, and we listed on the American Stock Exchange in 1997 to provide some liquidity for the local owners of the stock.

In the mid-1990s, Camden National started buying and acquiring a few of its competitors. It acquired United Bank & Trust Company of Maine in 1995; Kingfield Savings, which is based in the western part of the state, in 1999; and Union Bankshares, the parent company of Union Trust, in 2008. In 2001, we acquired our wealth management subsidiary, Acadia Trust. Even though the geographic footprint expanded, our focus on great service and local communities, which is highlighted by local decision makers, remains true to what our founding fathers wanted way back in 1875.

Today, we are at $2.3 billion in assets, and we focus primarily on Maine. Our uniqueness lies with the fact that we're a community bank who is very much ingrained with our communities, our customers and our shareholders, while possessing the financial capacity to accommodate larger transactions, along with small business loans and retail loans. It's a great way to play at all different levels and to really serve our community and our customers here in Maine.

TWST: Please tell us about the area and the economy the company serves and then some of its key products or services.