TWST: Please begin with a brief introduction to Princeton Capital Management, including some highlights from the firm's history, a bit about your role there and your total assets under management.

Mr. Hugh Fitzpatrick: Princeton Capital Management was founded in 1988 by Jim Fitzpatrick, who after a long career in New York City working at Moody's, Smith Barney, Citibank and lastly managing the YMCA Retirement Fund, retired - but not retired - in 1988 to found Princeton Capital Management. We've been in Princeton since 1988 managing assets for high net worth individuals. We are growing the firm to transition from working solely with individuals to managing assets for RIAs, family offices, consultants and smaller institutions as well.

We are currently in two wrap programs. We intend to build an institutional business, but I expect we will always relate to a blend of both individual and institutional clients. As a small firm, we all wear multiple hats. Jim and I relate to both clients and serve as a part of our investment team focused on finding appropriate investment opportunities for clients. We currently manage $200 million in assets.

TWST: Would you just provide a little bit more information about the three investment strategies that you have referred to on your Web site?