TWST: Let's start with an overview of RiverPoint Capital Management.

Mr. Loewenstine: RiverPoint Capital Management is an independent investment adviser registered with the SEC and has just over $1.2 billion in assets under management. We offer our clients customized investment portfolios based on their risk tolerance, income needs and growth expectations. The majority of our clients are individuals and families, but we also work with a lot of local not-for-profit organizations. Our minimum account size is generally $1 million in assets. In addition, we also have significant expertise in the wealth management area and will work with our clients on estate and tax planning, insurance, charitable and education planning. We do not sell any commission-based products and do not charge for this service, so we are able to truly be a partner for our clients and be totally objective. We also work with accountants and attorneys in making sure these needs are being adequately addressed on a regular basis. We're also very active in the community. All the portfolio managers at RiverPoint serve on nonprofit boards. We believe it is important to support our community and to give back to our city.

TWST: You are Chief Investment Strategist and Managing Director, as well as one of the Portfolio Managers of the RiverPoint's large-cap Classic Value Strategy. Would you please explain the firm's investment philosophy and strategy to us?