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Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) Best-Positioned to Serve the Largest Banks Domestically and Internationally

November 21, 2013

Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), a global provider of banking and payments technologies, has carved out a competitive niche in serving large banks both domestically and internationally, says Brett Huff, Research Analyst at Stephens Inc.

"FIS largely provides two kinds of products to banks. One is called core processing, which is the basic systems that keep track of the debits and credits, the customer interactions at a commercial bank, and then they also provide payment systems, debit systems, credit systems, bill pay systems, things like that. We think FIS is unique, and it is best positioned to serve the largest banks both domestically and internationally," Huff said.


Currently, Fidelity has 20% of its revenue international and a third of its revenue from the larger banks, and the company has the systems in place to serve its larger clients better than its competitors, Huff says.

"It is among the largest of the bank technology providers and has a longstanding service capability, so they have people in lots of places with lots of expertise to handle some of the larger banks' requests for help. So we like FIS'áposition among bank technology providers, because it both serves the larger banks and the international community," Huff said.

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