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Nokia Awakens from Big Sleep – Is it too late?

May 11, 2010

Nokia NOK1V (Finland), the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, has for sometime now been lagging the big players in smartphones.  Nokia’s Management has seemed to have been asleep at the wheel while Apple, RIM, even Motorola and Google have leapfrogged the firm with regard to smartphones.  Finally after much consternation by investors and analysts, the firm just announced the appointment of Anssi Vanjoki, a longtime executive at the firm, and the company’s current marketing chief to serve as the new smartphone chief.  The announcement along with other management related changes, somAnssi Vanjokie of which have occurred over the last year, continue to put the firm in a spotlight they would much rather avoid.  Nokia One Year Stock Performance

Nokia needs to get a fire under its design and production capabilities to compete with the other big players eating the firm’s lunch.  The latest changes are expected to go into effect by July 1.  Keep a close eye on Mr. Vanjoki as she takes on a truly challenging task that is vital to Nokia’s continued success.


Bloomberg updated 5/12

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