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Technology Stocks

Look Out for Asymmetric Warfare

November 26, 2008

For our other special focus this week on Homeland Security, we spoke with analyst Brian Ruttenbur of Morgan Keegan & Co. about the state of this space. He told us of one area in Homeland Security that investors should look for opportunities: Asymmetric Warfare.

 TWST: Are there any other areas that are of interest at this point, Brian?

Mr. Ruttenbur: Asymmetric warfare — giving the tools to first responders or to the soldiers out in the field to make their intelligence quicker, smarter and bringing it all back into a central network. Predator drone is one example, but there are a lot of examples out there with night vision equipment and other things like that. Asymmetric warfare started with the Defense Department and is now overlapping into homeland security to make our border patrol and other law enforcement agencies leverage their time and their abilities just as soldiers do.

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