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Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (SYRX) Blends Digital with Real-World Data

May 06, 2015

CEO Nadir Ali of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (SYRX) says that over the past two years, the company has changed its focus from IT services to data analytics and location-based products. “Our focus really is all about the data analytics. You hear a lot about Big Data today from a variety of companies, and our positioning in the marketplace is that Sysorex blends digital data — which you would collect from traditional sources, whether it’s enterprise apps or your website, etc. — with real-world data. And what I mean by real-world data is location or temperature or other data in the environment around you,” Ali says. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE...

Dipexium Pharmaceuticals Inc (DPRX) Expects to be Standard of Care in Mild Diabetic Foot Infections

May 05, 2015

David Garrett, VP of Finance and Corporate Development at Dipexium Pharmaceuticals Inc (DPRX), says its lead candidate, Locilex, is going after a very large market. Locilex is a broad-spectrum topical antibiotic cream for the treatment of patients with mild infections of diabetic foot ulcers. “In the mild category, which represents about 47% of the population — in other words, 47% of patients who have a DFI first present to a treating physician at the mild stage — that 47% equates to about 650,000 patients per year in the U.S. alone. We expect to become the standard of care in mild DFI,” Garrett says. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE...

Installed Building Products Inc (IBP) Has Access to Over 50% of New Housing Permits in the U.S.

May 04, 2015

Jason R. Niswonger, SVP of Finance and Investor Relations for Installed Building Products Inc (IBP), says the insulation company will continue its acquisition strategy to access more U.S. housing permits. “We are the second-largest installer of insulation in new-build construction projects. Our number-one end market, which makes up approximately 75% of our sales, is to the new single-family construction market,” Niswonger says. “Insulation is our largest product, it is approximately 80% of our sales, but we also install other complementary products: gutters, garage doors, shower, shelving and mirrors. Those are our other key product lines...

Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GLMD) Works to Treat Advanced-Stage Fatty Liver Disease with Aramchol Drug

May 01, 2015

Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd (GLMD) CFO Josh Blacher says that in clinical studies its product candidate aramchol has displayed significant activity in reducing liver fat concentration. This reduction may be critical in patients suffering from NASH, or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. “It’s our belief, based on our research and scientific literature, that the excessive fat is in fact the root cause of the liver’s deterioration,” Blacher says. “As such, we believe that if you can inhibit the production and accumulation of liver fat, you prevent the domino effect of the inflammation. So that’s in fact what we are aiming to do, and that is our mechanism of action: to inhibit the production and retention of liver fat...

United Rentals, Inc. (URI) Capable of Absorbing Energy-Related Headwinds

April 29, 2015

Stanley Elliott, a Vice President at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., believes United Rentals, Inc. (URI) has been unfairly punished by talk of a negative impact on the energy side of the company. “It is a business that has about 50% of its revenues tied to the nonresidential construction cycle,” Elliott says. “[Energy is] about 11% of the overall, and about 6% of those revenues are more upstream related. The risk there or the bear thesis is that energy rich markets will end up spilling over, and it’s more of a contagion, so that that 6% type of a revenue number that many people think is exposed could actually be some multiple of that...

WABCO Holdings Inc. (WBC) Well-Positioned to Take Advantage of Safety Systems Trend

April 28, 2015

Larry De Maria, Co-Group Head of Global Industrial Infrastructure at William Blair & Company, says that in the current environment, he wants to find companies that can diminish the cyclical risks. He says that WABCO Holdings Inc. (WBC) is a stock with some of the best secular attributes. “WABCO…has the advantage of having a safety theme. Safety is one of the best themes in the group,” De Maria says. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. WABCO makes safety systems and braking systems for commercial vehicles, which De Maria says are two large end markets businesses for the company. “As you continue to see more and more adoption of safety systems in both mature and emerging markets for trucks, WABCO is well-positioned to take advantage of that trend...

3D Systems Corporation (DDD) Still Holds Dominant Share in Growing 3D Printing Market

April 27, 2015

St. Denis J. Villere III, Partner at St. Denis J. Villere & Company, LLC, says 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) is an example of a contrarian holding in his portfolio. He says the 3D marketplace has finally been validated, with 3D Systems maintaining its stance as leader in the industry. “That was one that we were quite early in. Now I believe that people think Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) is coming into the industry, which it is, but 3D still has a dominant share, and competition is good,” Villere said. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Villere has owned 3D Systems Corporation for over a decade, he says, and in 2014 the stock became contrarian as competition heated up...

Men’s Wearhouse Inc (MW) an Inexpensive Stock with Strong Long-Term Outlook

April 24, 2015

St. Denis J. Villere III, Partner at St. Denis J. Villere & Company, LLC, sees a good entry point into Men’s Wearhouse Inc (MW) as the company battles short-term headwinds. “They are very dominant in the casual-clothing sector, and it came under pressure because they bought Jos. A. Bank, the retailer, and had a battle with the founder George Zimmer. The stock came under pressure when they made this acquisition and there was noise surrounding George kind of being pushed out,” Villere said. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Villere says that when looking at the two companies combined, they have almost $6 a share in earnings power until 2017, making it a very inexpensive stock...

NetApp Inc. (NTAP) Holds Third of Market Cap on Balance Sheet

April 22, 2015

Managing Director Stephen Goddard of The London Company of Virginia says NetApp Inc. (NTAP) is trading at less than six times EBITDA and is holding an abundance of cash, nearly a third of its market cap, on the balance sheet. “While they haven’t grown materially in recent years, they have relatively stable cash flow. The switching costs are high, allowing a stable client base,” Goddard said. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Goddard believes NetApp has the potential to create value by returning capital to shareholders via more aggressive buybacks. “This is much more about the opportunity on the balance sheet than speculation on future growth prospects...

Kaiser Aluminum Corp. (KALU) Well-Positioned for Rest of 2015

April 21, 2015

Philip Gibbs, a Vice President, Equity Research Analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets, says a name he favors in the metals & mining sector is Kaiser Aluminum Corp. (KALU). He says the company has a similar profile to the carbon EAFs, except that they are aluminum processors. “So essentially they’d benefit from gradually declining aluminum prices, and they also have some fairly good visibility in aerospace, automotive and industrial,” Gibbs says. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Kaiser Aluminum has put forth some spot price increases in heat-treated aluminum plate, which Gibbs says is the company’s staple product...

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (STLD) Should See Margin Expansion in Second Half 2015

April 20, 2015

Philip Gibbs, a Vice President, Equity Research Analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets, says the strong dollar has pushed a lot of U.S. steelmakers up the global cost curve and increased the amount of imports. Excluding energy, Gibbs believes the U.S. economy remains strong. Operating against what he calls an “extremely deflationary backdrop,” Gibbs says companies like Steel Dynamics, Inc. (STLD) have more variable cost structures and strong free cash flow. “While hot-rolled coil prices in the U.S. have declined from $675 to $475, scrap prices have declined a nearly similar amount,” Gibbs says. “So from a spread — pricing less material costs — perspective, they have been relatively insulated and should see nice margin expansion in the event of steel pricing and volumes recover, each of which we are expecting in the second half of the year...

Negative Impact of Oil & Gas Exposure to Stabilize for United States Steel Corporation (X) by 2016

April 17, 2015

Philip Gibbs, a Vice President, Equity Research Analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets, says the oil & gas sector accounts for about 10% of direct steel consumption in the United States, and perhaps a bit more if energy-related infrastructure is included. He says United States Steel Corporation (X) is among the companies with the most significant exposure to oil & gas drilling companies. “Historically, US Steel has generated 30% to 40% of their EBITDA generation from that market,” Gibbs says. “And they’ve concurrently announced layoffs along with many other participants in the market.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE...

Uranium Outlook, IRS Investigation Cast Shadow for Cameco Corporation (USA) (CCJ)

April 16, 2015

David Talbot, Vice President and Senior Mining Analyst at Dundee Capital Markets, has a “buy” rating on industry leader Cameco Corporation (USA) (CCJ). He says the company is poised to benefit in a strong price environment, and is often a first choice among investors. “They recently reported record annual revenue with 30% higher realized prices than spot,” Talbot says. “Operations are working exceptionally well.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. However, Talbot says Cameco’s management does have a fairly bleak near-term outlook for uranium, and they are deferring capital projects and future production. In addition, the U...

Hudbay Minerals Inc Ord Shs (HBM) Has Impressive Growth Profile

April 15, 2015

Haywood Securities Analyst Stefan Ioannou says he has a favorable view of Hudbay Minerals Inc Ord Shs (HBM) because the company has an impressive growth profile going forward. He says Hudbay’s mainstay is in the Flin Flon region of Manitoba, which is a historic, world-class mining camp. “They’ve got three mines currently in production there, namely 777, Lalor and Reed,” Ioannou says. “Lalor is relatively new and stands to replace 777 as the camp’s flagship deposit with notable exploration upside potential.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Ioannou says Hudbay also has a lot of zinc production in its profile, and is working to establish commercial production at Constancia, which is a large copper project in Peru...

Rio Tinto plc (RIO) Drilling High-Grade Nickel Deposit Through Its JV

April 15, 2015

Haywood Securities Analyst Stefan Ioannou that Talon Metals Corp. (TLO) is one of three very good high-grade nickel explorers. Through Talon’s JV with Rio Tinto plc (RIO), the company has a project in Minnesota called Tamarack, where they are drilling a high-grade deposit. “It is shaped like a tadpole, and all the drilling right now is focused on the high-grade tail,” Ioannou says. “But there is the large head of the tadpole that hasn’t been tested yet. I think that’s why Rio Tinto is interested in it.” FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Even if the head doesn’t work out, Ioannou says the tail on its own has already demonstrated grade and size potential that’s significant enough to attract a small- to mid-tier producer...
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